Emily's Mommy & Me Photo Session

Capturing this growing family over the last couple of years has been one of my favorite joys.

Emily is one of those rare individuals whose thoughtfulness is refreshingly genuine. She has such a sweet spirit and is one of the most loving and attentive mothers I've ever known.

Her oldest is only two years old, so I knew I wanted to keep our session simple and short. I brought her to one of my favorite parks, found a secluded spot, laid down a blanket and started to snap as many frames in 20 minutes that I could.

I had a large container of bubbles and a few stuffed animals to keep this precious girl's attention, or to help keep her happily distracted while I shot pictures of her mom and baby brother.

The aim of this session was to capture natural moments between the three of them. I didn't do much directing, apart from occasionally asking Emily to move from one spot to another; and I think we were successful in getting portraits that reflected the sweet intimacy that she has with her babies.

Here are a few of my favorite moments. (And I made sure to take a couple of portraits of just mom too :) )

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