An Open Letter to the Women I Photograph

I saw that just now.

That moment right after our last shot:

The apprehensive look in your eyes, the uneasy movement of your hands, your unsettled, deep breaths – they just gave away those unspoken thoughts racing around in your head, “I don’t know what I’m doing. What am I doing?! I feel so awkward. These are going to look so awkward.”

To which I immediately and empathetically respond with, “You are beautiful, these are looking so great. Your hair and make-up looks amazing! Here, look at this, you look incredible!”

Let me repeat that: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

And I’m not talking about some theoretical, intangible kind of “beauty”. Let me be clear – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And I’m going to prove that to you.

Listen, I know what it is to struggle with insecurities and a less-than-positive body image. I know what years of being bombarded with post-processed, professionally styled models and actresses have done to your confidence. I know that feeling of anxiety in front of a camera.

You believe every, single flaw is going to be captured and recorded for all of mankind to examine and judge you by. I know that’s what you’re thinking. Because I’ve had those same thoughts.

But here’s the thing: That anxiety? Those nerves? Those loud insecurities screaming at you inside your head in between frames?

That’s FEAR. And Fear is whose ass we’re here to kick today.

I’m not in the business of just taking pictures.

I’m in the business of showing you what I see when I look through my lens:

Beauty. Strength. Courage.

So, are we clear? Good. Now let’s go kick some ass!


Kristine, Your Ass-Kicking Portrait Photographer