They Live On

Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, my husband and I traveled a few hours to my family’s cabin in Wisconsin.

It’s a simple place, but rich in memories and nostalgia.

While there, we were told of a large plastic tub tucked away in the back room, where hundreds of pictures from the years were being stored. We were invited to go through them and take anything that meant something special.

My Nana died just weeks before my 16th birthday. She was a significant and special woman to many; to me, she was the woman I wanted to become.

My father died in 2003. I was 23 years old – a young wife and mother to two children already. He was my rock.

While my husband and I sat hunched in the bottom bunk bed in the oppressively hot and stuffy back room of my family’s old cabin, each picture, album and scrapbook brought Nana and Dad back to life.

Those moments captured on film provided me the incredible chance to once again hear their laughs, their voices, to look in their eyes, to relive those moments.

As our hunt neared it’s end, we found ourselves at the bottom of the big blue bin where I noticed a large manila folder covering the floor of it. It appeared to be empty, so I leaned over to lift it.

That’s when I found this –

It’s Dad’s.

It’s from when he was just six years old. My eyes welled up instantly (they are again).

All this to say, to those of you who have lost someone precious to you, I know you understand the power of a photograph.

As I sat hunched over that big blue bin in that hot and stuffy room, I was powerfully reminded of the unique value of what I do; of what I get to capture and provide for people and their families.

Our loved ones who have passed away live on in our memories – And the shortest trip to those precious memories, is through a photograph.

And that’s not “Kristine-the-photographer” speaking – It’s Nana’s granddaughter and Richard’s daughter speaking.

What I’m saying is this: get those pictures off of your cell phones, off of your hard-drives, off of those discs – and get some prints made! They’ll probably be one of the most – if not the most – powerful sources of comfort for your family one day.