To be Clear - Modern Glamour Portraiture

I've posted on this in the past, but I think it bears repeating from time to time.

When asked what type of photography I do, my answer is "Contemporary Women's Portrait Photography. And weddings!" The latter requires no explanation, but I typically find myself answering the quizzical look in some people's eyes, with a brief expansion of "contemporary women's portraiture".

So, to be clear - this is how I would define the genre:

It is NOT

  • Impersonal

  • Fake

  • Disingenuous

  • Gimmicky

  • Over-processed (no plastic-looking skin allowed here)

Instead, it is:

  • Authentic

  • Profoundly Personal

  • Empowering

  • Artistic

  • Inspiring

  • The Real You

  • Celebratory

  • SO. MUCH. FUN.

On the points of authenticity and empowerment,

Whatever you've been through,

whatever you're going through,

whatever your age,

however you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror,

or step on the scale;

whoever you want

- or don't want -

to be photographed with;

whether it's to document a period of joy,

or depression or a personal milestone -

My promise to you,

is that not only will you be treated like the queen you are,

not only will you have the most beautiful images you've ever had of yourself;

They will be the most honest.