A Glad Second Look | Melissa | Glamour Portraits

A couple of Falls ago, my dear friend Melissa agreed to let me bring her out into the freezing cold for a vintage-theme, fashion-inspired glamour shoot.

She's stunning, she was amazing, and it was her photo-shoot that inspired me to launch glamour portraiture as my specialty.

Safe to say that her shoot was empowering for both of us. I was hooked, and I couldn't wait to share this unique, unforgettable experience with others.

Today I'm at home with a very sick little girl, so while she sleeps on the couch, I thought I'd linger at the computer and take a second look through Melissa's photos.

I thought I would practice my newer editing techniques to a select few of her images that had yet to be shared, and share them now!

Melissa - I love you tons. You embody each of these with an unquestionable grace - don't ever let people or circumstances tempt to convince you otherwise: